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OBS 1999 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
12/19/1999 Abajo F.W. Gaudin Memorial S. FG OBSApr98
4/30/1999 Air Rocket Crown Royal American Turf 3 CD OBSFeb98
6/27/1999 American Halo Great Sound Stakes CRC OBSApr98 OBSAug97
3/3/1999 American Spirit Baldwin Stakes 3 SA OBSMar98
8/7/1999 A Point Well Made Iron Horse S. CBY OBSFeb95
10/30/1999 Appealing Phylly Ontario Fashion Handicap 3 WO OBSFeb98 OBSAug97
4/18/1999 Ayrial Delight Spinning World S. (1st Div) KEE OBSOct92
10/10/1999 Ayrial Delight A.P. Indy Stakes KEE OBSOct92
12/12/1999 Backatem Three Ring Stakes CRC OBSMar99
8/25/1999 Badouizm Lake Placid Handicap SAR OBSMar98
1/1/1999 Bal D'argent Tropical Park Oaks CRC OBSAug97
11/6/1999 Balldo Manayunk Stakes PHA OBSMar99
7/17/1999 Bally Ho Criterium Stakes CRC OBSFeb99
12/18/1999 B L's Appeal Inaugural Stakes TAM OBSMar99
1/31/1999 Brac Drifter Singing Beauty S. (1st Div) LRL OBSMar97
5/1/1999 Bubba Higgins Panhandle Stakes MNR OBSJun95
7/18/1999 Cassidy Voo Doo Dance Handicap CRC OBSApr97
10/2/1999 Chancellor M.H. Chenery Stakes CNL OBSMar99
8/29/1999 Changing Otheguard Linkage Stakes TIM OBSApr98
7/25/1999 Christmas Boy Bing Crosby Br. Cup H. 2 DMR OBSFeb95
8/17/1999 Copelan's Number Pea Patch Island Stakes DEL OBSFeb97
9/6/1999 Copelan's Number Legal Jsutice Stakes PHA OBSFeb97
10/25/1999 Crashpad Grand Rapids Stakes GLD OBSMar98
2/6/1999 Crown Jewel Gasparilla Stakes TAM OBSOct96
3/6/1999 Crown Jewel Suncoast Stakes TAM OBSOct96
3/21/1999 Crown Jewel Florida Oaks 3 TAM OBSOct96
8/14/1999 Daisies And Nites Shocker T. Handicap CRC OBSApr97
9/11/1999 Daisies And Nites Noble Royalty Handicap CRC OBSApr97
10/23/1999 Daisies And Nites Calder Breeders' Cup H. CRC OBSApr97
4/11/1999 Diablo's Closer Star Shoot S. (1st Div.) WO OBSJun98 OBSApr98
10/17/1999 Diablo's First Lady Wooden Star Stakes HAW OBSApr98 OBSAug97
12/19/1999 Diablo's First Lady Minday Malone Stakes CRC OBSApr98 OBSAug97
8/28/1999 Disco Rico Bobby Hale Stakes TIM OBSMar98
8/29/1999 Dysham Junior Champion Stakes MTH OBSMar99
8/21/1999 Ells End Ward Off Trouble Stakes CRC OBSJan98
6/19/1999 El Mirasol Bet Twice Stakes MTH OBSMar97 OBSAug96 OBSJan96
9/14/1999 Emailit Aprisa Stakes FPX OBSApr96
1/16/1999 Epic Honor Golden Gate Derby 3 GG OBSAug97
3/29/1999 Erlton Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSMar98
5/8/1999 Erlton Hirsch Jacobs Stakes PIM OBSMar98
3/20/1999 Etbauer Rebel Stakes 3 OP OBSApr98 OBSAug97
5/9/1999 Exclusive Eskimo Go For Wand Stakesa DEL OBSAug97
6/26/1999 Exclusive Word Suthern Accent Stakes LAD OBSJun96
8/8/1999 Express Checking Everget Stakes DEL OBSMar99
3/13/1999 Fess Sam Houston Oaks HOU OBSJun98
9/18/1999 Fiesty Countess Blue Hen Stakes DEL OBSApr99 OBSJan98
11/13/1999 Fiesty Countess Holly Stakes MED OBSApr99 OBSJan98
11/13/1999 First Shot Tony Despirito Stakes SUF OBSAug98
10/3/1999 Forty One Carats Indiana Derby HOO OBSAug97
10/29/1999 Forty One Carats Pegasus Handicap 2 MED OBSAug97
2/13/1999 Frisk Me Now Gulf. Pk. Br. Cup Sprint H. 2 GP OBSFeb96
6/12/1999 Frisk Me Now Elkwood Stakes MTH OBSFeb96
7/4/1999 Frisk Me Now Philip H. Iselin Handicap 2 MTH OBSFeb96
8/15/1999 Frosty Kiss Ontario Debutante Stakes WO OBSOct97
8/17/1999 Gadir Comet Stakes MED OBSFeb99
6/5/1999 Gallapiatscarnival Golden Sylvia Handicap MNR OBSApr97
9/2/1999 Gander Albany Handicap SAR OBSMar98
10/23/1999 Gander Empire Classic Handicap BEL OBSMar98
1/30/1999 Gold From The West Heavenly Prize Stakes GP OBSMar98 OBSAug97
2/29/99 Golden Oriental Taylor's Special H. FG OBSAug95 OBSOct94
7/5/1999 Gold Pirate Pleasanton Stakes PLN OBSAP98 OBSJan97
6/20/1999 Gold Princess Vagrancy Handicap BEL OBSMar97 OBSAug96
7/4/1999 Greatsilverfleet Independence Marathon CT OBSAug91
8/21/1999 Grey Velvet Satan's Poppy Stakes HAW OBSMar97
9/4/1999 Handsome Trick Continental Mile S. MTH OBSApr99 OBSAug98
4/17/1999 Heritage Of Gold Irving Distaff S. (1st Div) LS OBSApr98
5/8/1999 Heritage Of Gold Sundance Stakes LS OBSApr98
5/31/1999 Heritage Of Gold Prestonwood Distaff Stakes LS OBSApr98
7/5/1999 Heritage Of Gold Molly Pitcher Br. Cup H. 2 MTH OBSApr98
9/5/1999 Heritage Of Gold Diana Handicap 2 SAR OBSApr98
4/24/1999 Hit The Road Beau Woodstock Stakes WO OBSAug97
7/10/1999 Hit The Road Beau Anderson Fowler Stakes MTH OBSAug97
1/9/1999 Holywood Picture Santa Ysabel Stakes 3 SA OBSFeb98
8/8/1999 Imaginary Sword Restoration Stakes MTH OBSFeb98
2/19/1999 In Franks Honor Pirate Cove Stakes SA OBSFeb98
2/13/1999 Inside Affair Manatee Stakes TAM OBSMar97
7/10/1999 Inside Affair Marlboro Handicap LRL OBSMar97
8/27/1999 Inside Affair Searching Stakes LRL OBSMar97
7/3/1999 J.T.'S Jet Liner Lilac Stakes RKM OBSApr98
3/6/1999 Karly's Harley Herat Stakes LRL OBSMar98
12/19/1999 Kirtons Damon Runyon Stakes AQU OBSMar99
10/23/1999 Kiss A Native In Reality S. (F.S.S) CRC OBSApr99
8/28/1999 Lady Gin Bassinet Stakes RD OBSMar99
7/5/1999 Lambana Rockingham Br. Cup S. RKM OBSJun96
8/1/1999 Lambana Spicy Living Handicap RKM OBSJun96
9/6/1999 Lambana Kenneth L. Graf Memorial H. RKM OBSJun96
7/25/1999 Leave No Prints Newark Stakes DEL OBSApr97
2/20/1999 Legs Galore Tampa Bay Br. Cup S. TAM OBSMar97
5/30/1999 Let The Music Play Cool Air Handicap CRC OBSOct95
2/26/1999 Lifeisawhirl Eillo Stakes GP OBSMar97
5/9/1999 Lifeisawhirl Joseph M. O'farrell S. HIA OBSMar97
12/10/1999 Lightening Ball Star Of Texas Stakes HOU OBSApr98
7/31/1999 Light Line Delicada Stakes LAD OBSFeb97
8/28/1999 Lines Of Beauty Gardenia Handicap ELP OBSMar97
11/27/1999 Littleexpectations Old Hickory Stakes FG OBSFeb99
12/31/1999 Littleexpectations Sugar Bowl Handicap FG OBSFeb99
5/31/1999 Little Sister Wild Flower Stakes LS OBSAug95
9/25/1999 Lock In The Money Autobot Stakes HAW OBSApr99
9/6/1999 Luck Abounds New York Oaks FL OBSApr98
10/23/1999 Maddie May Maid Of The Mist Stakes BEL OBSMar99
6/13/1999 Manticore Lyphard Stakes PEN OBSApr96
9/12/1999 Mema's Turnng Red Natalman Stakes (1st Div.) WO OBSAug98
3/29/1999 Million Questions Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSMar98
10/23/1999 Miz Untied States My Dear Girl S. (F.S.S) CRC OBSMar99
9/6/1999 Mom's Little Guy Frattare Stakes FL OBSApr96
11/7/1999 Mountain Top Dancing Spree Stakes GP OBSApr97
4/24/1999 Mr. Carter Vulcan Stakes TAM OBSAug97
3/29/1999 Ms. Deep Pockets Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSAug97
11/8/1999 Musical Gambler Skywalker Handicap SA OBSApr96 OBSAug95 OBSOct94
8/13/1999 Native Diablo Clever Trevor Stakes RP OBSAug98
6/25/1999 Nijinsky's Passion Fran's Valentine Stakes HOL OBSApr97
8/8/1999 Personal First Ellis Park Juvenile S. ELP OBSMar99
12/26/1999 Personal First Turfway Prevue Stakes TP OBSMar99
5/22/1999 Petunia Blessing Angelica Stakes DEL OBSApr98
8/7/1999 Pioner Spirit Express Stakes CBY OBSFeb96
1/24/1999 Po Belair Stakes LRL OBSJan97
6/27/1999 Pocho's Dream Girl Obeah Stakes DEL OBSFeb96
12/19/1999 Pocho's Dream Girl Nellie Morse Stakes LRL OBSFeb96
2/14/1999 Precocity Whirlaway Stakes FG OBSAug95
3/7/1999 Precocity New Orleans Handicap 3 FG OBSAug95
9/19/1999 Press Type Noble Warrior Stakes CRC OBSAug97
3/13/1999 Prime Timber San Felipe Stakes 2 SA OBSFeb98
10/1/1999 Prime Timber In Excess Stakes SA OBSFeb98
9/11/1999 Rebound Floyd Duncan Memorial S. RKM OBSApr99
6/6/1999 Rogers Pass Crank It Up Stakes MTH OBSMar98 OBSOct96
3/21/1999 Raging Love Fremont Handicap BM OBSApr97
7/24/1999 Ray's Approval Robert F. Carey Mem. 3 HAW OBSAug94
10/30/1999 Riley's Heat Witches' Brew Stakes MED OBSAug94
3/27/1999 Roza Robata Fairway Fun Stakes TP OBSApr97
8/28/1999 Runaway Jet Clever Trick Stakes HAW OBSApr99
9/4/1999 Sabre Dance Susan's Girl Div. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSMar99
3/27/1999 Sangam Pinellas Stakes TAM OBSMar98
9/25/1999 Scratch Pad Brave Raj Stakes CRC OBSJan98
10/17/1999 Scratch Pad Alcibiades Stakes 2 KEE OBSJan98
5/30/1999 Search For Luv Legal Light Stakes DEL OBSApr98 OBSOct96
9/15/1999 Search For Luv Bergen County Stakes MED OBSApr98 OBSOct96
5/22/1999 Secret Service Man Isi Newborn Memorial Stakes TDN OBSApr94 OBSAug93
7/12/1999 Sejm's Lunar Star Liberada Stakes CRC OBSAug97 OBSJan97
4/24/1999 Shadow Caster Faneuil Hall Stakes SUF OBSMar98
10/2/1999 Sharp Appeal Miami Breeders' Cup H. CRC OBSFeb95
9/14/1999 She's Classy Bustles And Bows Stakes FPX OBSMar99
4/18/1999 Shut Out Time Ny Stallion Stakes AQU OBSMar98
3/20/1999 Silk City Miami Dade County S. HIA OBSFeb97
4/25/1999 Silk City Sheer Echo Handicap HIA OBSFeb97
12/4/1999 Silk Sails Hoosier Debutante Stakes HOO OBSMar99
8/8/1999 Silver Bandana Supah Gem Stakes CRC OBSMar98
1/11/1999 Silver Charm San Pasqual Stakes 3 SA OBSApr96 OBSAug95
7/10/1999 Sister Fiona Masao Moriya Stakes CRC OBSAug98 OBSOct97
8/14/1999 Sister Fiona Sorority Stakes 3 MTH OBSAug98 OBSOct97
9/12/1999 Sixteen Colony Minstrel Stakes LAD OBSOct97
7/10/1999 Sleek'nsilver Proud Puppy Handicap FL OBSApr96
7/31/1999 Sleek'nsilver Arctic Queen Handicap FL OBSApr96
8/7/1999 Snuck In Dr. Fager Div. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSFeb99
9/4/1999 Snuck In Affirmed Div. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSFeb99
12/10/1999 Snuck In Galleryfurniture.Com S. HOU OBSFeb99
1/30/1999 Some Actor Lecomte Handicap FG OBSAug97
10/16/1999 Some Actor Seattle Slew S. (1st Div.) KEE OBSAug97
7/24/1999 So Rakish Roman Brother Stakes CRC OBSApr98
8/28/1999 Springinthecountry Convenience Stakes CRC OBSAug98
5/1/1999 Successful Appeal Withers Stakes 2 AQU OBSFeb98
8/6/1999 Successful Appeal Amsterdam Stakes 3 SAR OBSFeb98
9/25/1999 Successful Appeal Kentucky Cup Sprint S. 2 TP OBSFeb98
5/22/1999 Sunny Appeal Hialeah Juvenile Stakes HIA OBSFeb99
9/6/1999 Swearingen Ricks' Memorial H. RP OBSFeb96
3/27/1999 Sweeping Story Bourbonette Br. Cup S. TP OBSApr98
1/24/1999 Sweep Well Fred "Cappy" Capossela S. AQU OBSApr98 OBSFeb98
4/17/1999 Talk's Cheap Federico Tesio Stakes PIM OBSApr98
10/2/1999 Talk's Cheap Paterson Handicap MED OBSApr98
11/26/1999 Talk's Cheap Annapolis Stakes LRL OBSApr98
1/3/1999 Texas Glitter Spectacular Bid Stakes 3 GP OBSAug97
10/2/1999 Thanks Franks Kingland Stakes MED OBSApr98
5/31/1999 Thatsusintheolbean Shakopee Turf Express H. CBY OBSAug95
6/19/1999 Thatsusintheolbean Brooks Fields Handicap CBY OBSAug95
7/24/1999 Thatsusintheolbean John Bullit Handicap CBY OBSAug95
11/6/1999 Thatsusintheolbean Walter R. Cluer Mem. H. TUP OBSAug95
2/21/1999 Three Ring Davona Dale Stakes 2 GP OBSFeb98
3/16/1999 Three Ring Bonnie Miss Stakes 2 GP OBSFeb98
6/4/1999 Three Ring Acorn Stakes 1 BEL OBSFeb98
6/20/1999 Thrillin Discovery That's Our Buck Stakes CRC OBSApr97
12/19/1999 Thrillin Discovery Kenny Noe Jr. Stakes CRC OBSApr97
4/2/1999 Tres Coronas Appalachian Stakes KEE OBSAug97
1/23/1999 Valid Leader Princess Of Palms H. TUP OBSAug96
6/12/1999 Valid Leader Hoist Her Flag Stakes CBY OBSAug96
7/31/1999 Valid Leader Minneapolis Handicap CBY OBSAug96
10/2/1999 Valid Trefaire Gallant Bob Handicap PHA OBSMar98
9/11/1999 Val's Prince Man O'war Stakes 1 BEL OBSApr94
10/9/1999 Val's Prince Turf Classic 1 BEL OBSApr94
9/25/1999 Wandering British Columbia Derby 2 HST OBSMar98
10/11/1999 Wandering Burnaby Stakes HST OBSMar98
8/14/1999 White Beauty Lieutentant Governor S. ELP OBSMar97
9/25/1999 Who Did It And Run Queen Lib Handicap MED OBSApr97
3/21/1999 Wild Heart Dancing Patricia Stakes HIA OBSApr98
4/15/1999 Wild Heart Dancing Palisades Stakes KEE OBSApr98
10/8/1999 Wild Heart Dancing Boiling Springs Br. Cup H. 3 MED OBSApr98
10/24/1999 Wolf Alert Miss Grillo Stakes 3 BEL OBSMar99
3/27/1999 Yankee Victor Rushaway Stakes TP OBSMar98
3/29/1999 Zanetti Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSAug97
7/18/1999 Zanetti Toronto Cup H. (2nd Div) WO OBSAug97
7/25/1999 Z Cool Primer Stakes LRL OBSFeb99
2/13/1999 Zuppardo Ardo Pan Zareta Stakes FG OBSMar96
5/1/1999 Zuppardo Ardo Humana Distaff Handicap CD OBSMar96
9/18/1999 Zuppardo Ardo Victoria Stakes LAD OBSMar96