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OBS 1998 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
1/18/1998 Adriatic Queen Belair Stakes LRL OBSAug96
2/21/1998 Adriatic Queen Landaura Stakes LRL OBSAug96
7/19/1998 A Penny Saved Masao Moriya Stakes CRC OBSFeb98 OBSAug97
8/9/1998 A Penny Saved Desert Vixen Div. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSFeb98 OBSAug97
8/15/1998 Appealing Phylly Sorority Stakes 3 MTH OBSFeb98 OBSAug97
11/14/1998 Appealing Phylly Glorious Song Stakes WO OBSFeb98 OBSAug97
9/27/1998 Aryial Delight White Star Line S. DEL OBSOct92
10/18/1998 Aryial Delight A.P. Indy Stakes KEE OBSOct92
12/5/1998 Aryial Delight Dr. A.B. Leggio Mem. H. FG OBSOct92
12/1/1998 Bal D'argent Boca Raton Stakes CRC OBSAug97
3/23/1998 Basic Trainee Obs Championship OTC OBSApr97
7/25/1998 Beau Dancer Roman Brother Stakes (1st Div) CRC OBSMar97
7/18/1998 B L's Sweep Criterium Stakes CRC OBSAug97
10/4/1998 B L's Sweetheart Princess Futurity LAD OBSAug97
3/28/1998 Bog Wild Hialeah Breeders' Cup H. HIA OBSAug94
6/27/1998 Boxford Village Lou Smith Memorial H. RKM OBSAug94
3/7/1998 Buck's Boy Pan American Handicap 2 GP OBSJan94
5/23/1998 Buck's Boy Riggs Handicap PIM OBSJan94
7/4/1998 Buck's Boy Ft. Mc Henry Handicap LRL OBSJan94
7/26/1998 Buck's Boy Hong Kong Jockey Club S. WO OBSJan94
10/10/1998 Buck's Boy Turf Classic Invitational 1 BEL OBSJan94
11/7/1998 Buck's Boy Breeders' Cup Turf 1 CD OBSJan94
5/17/1998 Bucks Nephew Milawaukee Avenue H. SPT OBSJun92
6/28/1998 Bucks Nephew Sportsman's Park Br. Cup H. SPT OBSJun92
6/13/1998 Buffalo Dan Decathlon Stakes MTH OBSApr93 OBSOct91
8/2/1998 Buffalo Dan Phila.Park Br. Cup. H. 3 PHA OBSApr93 OBSOct91
8/29/1998 Buffalo Dan Longfellow Stakes MTH OBSApr93 OBSOct91
9/12/1998 Buffalo Dan Chesapeake Stakes CNL OBSApr93 OBSOct91
10/3/1998 Buffalo Dan Mario Beneito Memorial H. PEN OBSApr93 OBSOct91
7/11/1998 Cabot Cove Ms.Southern Ohio Stakes RD OBSApr95
4/26/1998 Cassidy Jasmine Stakes HIA OBSApr97
5/30/1998 Cassidy Azalea Breeders' Cup S. 3 CRC OBSApr97
12/12/1998 Certain What A Pleasure Stakes 3 CRC OBSApr98 OBSAug97
7/3/1998 Champagne Royal Statue Of Liberty Stakes MTH OBSFeb96
8/8/1998 Chasing Wind Windmill Stakes PRM OBSApr97
7/4/1998 Classy N' Sassy Centre Stage Anne Stakes FE OBSMar95
6/7/1998 Colorful Vices Nassau Stakes WO OBSMar95
7/12/1998 Colorful Vices Dance Smartly Stakes WO OBSMar95
11/28/1998 Comeonmom Remsen Stakes 2 AQU OBSFeb98
5/2/1998 Copelan's Bid Gal Roamin Rachel Stakes PHA OBSApr97 OBSAug96
5/25/1998 Copelan's Bid Gal Star Of The North S. CBY OBSApr97 OBSAug96
7/12/1998 Courtlin Liberada Handicap CRC OBSApr95
6/21/1998 Crafty Sandi Primal Stakes CRC OBSApr97
3/15/1998 Cupid's Revenge Life At The Top Stakes GP OBSApr96
6/13/1998 Cuvee Brut Radar Ahead Stakes HOL OBSAug94
9/13/1998 Dance Diane Natalma Stakes (2nd Div.) WO OBSMar98
6/28/1998 Dancewiththebride Mount Vernon Handicap BEL OBSFeb97
8/2/1998 Delaware Township Tyro Stakes MTH OBSFeb98 OBSAug97 OBSOct96
2/21/1998 Diablo's Notably Dearly Precious Stakes AQU OBSMar97
5/2/1998 Dice Dancer Withers Stakes 2 AQU OBSFeb97
9/7/1998 Diplomat's Reward Labor Day Handicap MNR OBSApr97 OBSAug96
4/8/1998 Dontletthebigonego Lafayette Stakes 3 KEE OBSAug96
6/13/1998 Erlton Victoria Stakes WO OBSMar98
7/18/1998 Erlton Primer Stakes LRL OBSMar98
8/29/1998 Erlton Count Turf Stakes DEL OBSMar98
9/26/1998 Erlton Dover Stakes DEL OBSMar98
7/18/1998 Excess Thrilling Colin Stakes WO OBSAug97
1/7/1998 Evening Hush Old Hat Stakes GP OBSFeb97
3/14/1998 Favorite Trick Swale Stakes 3 GP OBSFeb97
7/19/1998 Favorite Trick Long Branch Br. Cup S. MTH OBSFeb97
8/9/1998 Favorite Trick Jim Dandy Stakes SAR OBSFeb97
10/17/1998 Favorite Trick Keeneland Br. Cup Mile KEE OBSFeb97
9/12/1998 Fenton Lane Owners' Day Handicap DEL OBSApr95 OBSAug94
9/27/1998 Fervent Affair Roberto Stakes BEU OBSApr97
3/23/1998 Fight For M'lady Obs Sprint OTC OBSMar97
10/17/1998 Flying Star Leo Frank Arsenault Mem. S. HAW OBSSApr9 8
3/21/1998 Frisk Me Now Widener Handicap 3 HIA OBSFeb96
7/4/1998 Frisk Me Now Suburban Handicap 3 BEL OBSFeb96
9/7/1998 Fortunate Review Manchester Handicap RKM OBSFeb95
1/31/1998 Funontherun Palos Verdes Handicap 2 SA OBSAug95
5/3/1998 Glitter Woman Sixty Sails Handicap 3 SPT OBSJan96
12/18/1998 Go Again Valid Gene's Lady Handicap AQU OBSAug96
3/1/1998 Golden Oriental Taylor's Special H. FG OBSAug95 OBSOct94
11/27/1998 Golden Oriental Thanksgiving Day Sprint HOO OBSAug95 OBSOct94
10/3/1998 Gulliver Paterson Stakes MED OBSApr97
10/17/1998 Hard Reign Woodlans Juvenile S. WDS OBSJun98
4/24/1998 Hollow Miss Wild Flower Stakes LS OBSApr96
11/7/1998 Hollow Miss Lady's Secret Handicap RP OBSApr96
9/23/1998 Hollywood Picture Black Swan Stakes FPX OBSFeb98
11/8/1998 Hushed Goodbye Sugar And Spice Handicap HOO OBSMar96
6/6/1998 I.C. Cindy Redundancy Stakes CRC OBSJan96
6/27/1998 I.C. Cindy Ofice Queen Stakes CRC OBSJan96
10/11/1998 I.C. Cindy Gator Back Stakes CRC OBSJan96
10/24/1998 I.C. Cindy Calder Oaks CRC OBSJan96
11/28/1998 Imaginary Sword Rushing Man Stakes MED OBSFeb98
3/23/1998 I've Been A Gem Obs Championship OTC OBSApr97
2/14/1998 J J's Dream Barbara Fritchie H. 2 LRL OBSJan94 OBSAug94
5/16/1998 J J's Dream Genuine Risk Handicap 2 BEL OBSJan94 OBSAug94
5/25/1998 Jack's Gold Honor Guard Stakes PIM OBSMar97
3/23/1998 Jaye's Hope Obs Sprint OTC OBSApr97
6/28/1998 Just Bet On Me Seaquay Handicap CRC OBSJun96 OBSAug95
3/14/1998 K.J.'S Appeal Crème Fraiche Handicap 3 GP OBSAug95
10/16/1998 K.J.'S Appeal Meadowlands Cup 1 MED OBSAug95
1/19/1998 Kay's Guy Collegian Stakes SUF OBSApr97
4/18/1998 Kay's Guy Faneuil Hall Stakes SUF OBSApr97
3/29/1998 Kingcanrunallday In Excessively Good S. TP OBSAug94 OBSJan94
8/15/1998 Kissedbyacrusader Duchess Stakes WO OBSJan96
2/28/1998 Kool Krafty St. Brendan Stakes LRL OBSApr95
4/10/1998 Lady Beverly Star Shoot Stakes WO OBSAug96
5/23/1998 Lady Beverly Selene Stakes WO OBSAug96
1/9/1998 Lady Carson Silvery Honey Handicap GP OBSFeb96
11/15/1998 Liberty Road Au Revoir Stakes HST OBSFeb95
7/26/1998 Light Line Chapel Belle Stakes LAD OBSFeb97
3/28/1998 Little Sister Carousel Handicap OP OBSAug95
5/23/1998 Little Sister Saylorville Stakes PRM OBSAug95
8/16/1998 Little Sister Sweet And Sassy Stakes DEL OBSAug95
11/15/1998 Long Distance Fifth Avenue Stakes AQU OBSApr98
12/13/1998 Long Distance East View Stakes AQU OBSApr98
1/11/1998 Love Lock Santa Ysabel Stakes 3 SA OBSFeb97
9/5/1998 Lucky Roberto Hopeful Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar98
3/15/1998 Maragold Princess Politely Stakes LRL OBSMar97
4/18/1998 Maragold Princess Caesar's Wish Stakes PIM OBSMar97
10/17/1998 Maragold Princess Maryland Million Oaks LRL OBSMar97
6/7/1998 Mindy Gayle Thirty Zip Handicap CRC OBSOct93
7/5/1998 Mindy Gayle Thirty Zip Handicap CRC OBSOct93
10/3/1998 Miss Medallion Judy's Red Shoes Stakes CRC OBSApr97 OBSJan97
1/11/1998 Mister Business Miracle Wood Stakes LRL OBSMar97
11/6/1998 Musical Gambler Skywalker Handicap SA OBSApr96 OBSAug95 O BSOct94
9/7/1998 Mysterious Moll Summertime Promise Stakes HAW OBSMar97
10/2/1998 Mysterious Moll Boiling Springs Br. Cup H. 3 MED OBSMar97
10/24/1998 Mysterious Moll Martha Washington B.C. H. 3 LRL OBSMar97
1/25/1998 Nijinsky's Passion Santa Ynez Stakes 3 SA OBSApr97
1/24/1998 Pleasant Too Super Stakes TAM OBSMar94 OBSAug93
10/4/1998 Oh Nellie Noble Damsel Handicap 3 BEL OBSJun96 OBSApr96 OBSAug95
11/1/1998 One Fit Lady Forward Gal Stakes DEL OBSApr98
10/11/1998 Petunia Tippett Stakes CNL OBSApr98
5/3/1998 Pocho's Dream Girl Gala Lil Stakes PIM OBSFeb96
8/30/1998 Pocho's Dream Girl Personal Ensign Stakes MTH OBSFeb96
4/19/1998 Poolman Bob Jackson Memorial S. DEL OBSApr97
5/2/1998 Poolman Woodlawn Stakes PIM OBSApr97
1/25/1998 Precocity Diplomat Way Handicap FG OBSAug95
4/4/1998 Precocity Oaklawn Park Handicap 1 OP OBSAug95
10/28/1998 Premier Property Sunny Slope Stakes SA OBSApr98
11/21/1998 Premier Property Hollywood Prevue S. 3 HOL OBSApr98
8/29/1998 Profound Secret Governor's Handicap SAC OBSFeb96
6/27/1998 Pyrite Dinner Rainbow Handicap RD OBSApr96
12/19/1998 Raging Love Golden Poppy Handicap GG OBSApr97
1/31/1998 Reality Road Tanforan Handicap 3 BM OBSMar94
3/7/1998 Reality Road San Carlos Handicap 2 SA OBSMar94
10/25/1998 Regal Code Hoosier Juvenile Stakes HOO OBSMar98
9/12/1998 Roguish Prince Prairie Meadows Derby PRM OBSFeb97
7/3/1998 Round Robin Astoria Stakes BEL OBSFeb98
3/7/1998 Roza Robata Honeybee Stakes 3 OP OBSApr97
1/31/1998 Running Copelan Horatius Stakes LRL OBSJun97
5/10/1998 Running Copelan Vincent Moscarelli S. DEL OBSJun97
12/31/1998 Running Copelan Broad Brush Stakes LRL OBSJun97
12/11/1998 Shadow Caster Morven Stakes MED OBSMar98
3/29/1998 Sharp Appeal Bougainvillea Stakes 3 HIA OBSFeb95
2/21/1998 Ship Liner Tampa Bay Br. Cup S. TAM OBSApr96
3/29/1998 Shot Of Gold Rushaway Stakes TP OBSJan96
6/13/1998 Shot Of Gold Northern Dancer Handicap CD OBSJan96
10/24/1998 Shut Out Time Sleepy Hollow Stakes BEL OBSMar98
11/15/1998 Shut Out Time Great White Way Stakes AQU OBSMar98
1/17/1998 Silver Charm San Fernando Stakes 2 SA OBSApr96 OBSAug95
2/7/1998 Silver Charm Strub Stakes 2 SA OBSApr96 OBSAug95
3/28/1998 Silver Charm Dubai World Cup 1 NAD OBSApr96 OBSAug95
9/26/1998 Silver Charm Kentucky Cup Classic 3 TP OBSApr96 OBSAug95
10/17/1998 Silver Charm Goodwood Br. Cup H. 2 SA OBSApr96 OBSAug95
11/27/1998 Silver Charm Clark Handicap 2 CD OBSApr96 OBSAug95
7/12/1998 Skip A Stream Alamedan Handicap PLN OBSJan94
2/7/1998 Skip Away Donn Handicap 1 GP OBSFeb95
2/28/1998 Skip Away Gulfstream Park H. 1 GP OBSFeb95
5/9/1998 Skip Away Pimlico Special 1 PIM OBSFeb95
5/30/1998 Skip Away Massachusetts Handicap 3 SUF OBSFeb95
6/28/1998 Skip Away Hollywood Gold Cup 1 HOL OBSFeb95
8/30/1998 Skip Away Philip H. Iselin Handicap 1 MTH OBSFeb95
9/12/1998 Skipper Kipper Floyd Duncan Memorial S. RKM OBSApr98 OBSAug97
9/5/1998 Sly Rajab Affirmed Div. Fl. S.S. CRC OBSJan97
7/12/1998 Sparklin Lil Seneca Stakes LAD OBSApr97
5/24/1997 Special Occasion Wolf Hill S. (2nd Div.) MTH OBSFeb96
9/12/1998 Special Occasion Thomas Edison Stakes MED OBSFeb96
10/16/1998 Special Occasion William Livingstone S. MED OBSFeb96
3/1/1998 Spicy Award Best Turn Stakes AQU OBSApr97
2/21/1998 St. Cloud Dust Commander Stakes TP OBSApr96
7/5/1998 Storm Talker Pleasanton Stakes PLN OBSFeb97
4/4/1998 Striking Profile Helena Stakes SUF OBSMar97
10/17/1998 Successful Appeal Cowdin Stakes 2 BEL OBSFeb98
8/15/1998 Swearingen Valnor Br. Cup H. HAW OBSFeb96
7/19/1998 Tarzena John Mcsorley Stakes MTH OBSAug94
8/16/1998 Taos Silver Deputy Stakes WO OBSAug97
11/15/1998 Taos Display Stakes WO OBSAug97
1/10/1998 Tasso's Magic Roo Sandpiper Stakes TAM OBSApr97 OBSAug96
2/7/1998 Tasso's Magic Roo Gasparilla Stakes TAM OBSApr97 OBSAug96
3/7/1998 Tasso's Magic Roo Suncoast Stakes TAM OBSApr97 OBSAug96
11/29/1998 Texas Glitter Huntington Stakes AQU OBSAug97
11/6/1998 Thanks Franks Litle Lion Stakes MED OBSApr98
2/21/1998 Thatsusintheolbean Coyote Handicap TUP OBSAug95
4/4/1998 Thatsusintheolbean Capt. Billy Boogie S. TUP OBSAug95
5/23/1998 Thatsusintheolbean Shakopee Turf Express CBY OBSAug95
6/20/1998 Thatsusintheolbean John Bullit Stakes CBY OBSAug95
5/23/1998 The Kaiser Needles Stakes CRC OBSMar97
11/14/1998 The Kaiser Pete Axthelm S. (2nd Div) CRC OBSMar97
8/17/1998 Things Change Adirondack Stakes 2 SAR OBSApr98 OBSAug97
9/4/1998 Things Change Spinaway Stakes 1 SAR OBSApr98 OBSAug97
10/18/1998 Thrillin Discovery Shuttle Man Handicap CRC OBSApr97
11/28/1998 Thrillin Discovery Fortunate Prospect H. CRC OBSApr97
12/20/1998 Thrillin Discovery Kenny Noe Jr. Handicap CRC OBSApr97
3/14/1998 Triple Premier Cactus Flower Handicap TUP OBSAug95
9/6/1998 Three Ring Susan's Girl Div. Fl. S.S. CRC OBSFeb98
10/17/1998 Three Ring My Dear Girl Div. Fl. S.S. CRC OBSFeb98
9/12/1998 Unruled Spend A Buck Handicap CRC OBSMar95
6/21/1998 Up Front Nick Shuk Memorial S. DEL OBSOct95
5/16/1998 Valid Bonnet Sundance Stakes LS OBSAug95
11/27/1998 Valid Leader Chandler Handicap TUP OBSAug96
10/18/1998 Voice Of Destiny Leland Sanford Stakes BM OBSAug97
11/14/1998 Voice Of Destiny California Juvenile S. 3 BM OBSAug97
10/24/1998 Wild Heart Dancing Prom Stakes MED OBSApr98
6/28/1998 Winter Melody Obeah Stakes DEL OBSMar95 OBSAug94
8/16/1998 Winter Melody Marlboro Handicap LRL OBSMar95 OBSAug94
10/25/1998 White Beauty Valley View Stakes HOO OBSMar97
5/10/1998 Who Did It And Run Garden State Stakes GS OBSApr97
5/22/1998 Who Did It And Run Jersey Derby 2 GS OBSApr97
7/25/1998 Who Did It And Run Reve Schley Jr. Stakes 3 MTH OBSApr97
9/12/1998 Zuppardo Ardo Victoria Handicap LAD OBSMar96
12/12/1998 Zuppardo Ardo La. Champions Day S. FG OBSMar96