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OBS 2008 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale    
12/11/08 Accredit Parlay Me Stakes   AQU OBSOct05    
12/5/08 Acting Zippy Delta Mile Stakes   DD OBSMar07    
8/31/08 Afleet Alexandra New York Oaks   FL OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
8/4/08 Alpine Garden British Columbia Cup Distaff Handicap   HST OBSApr06 OBSAug05  
10/25/08 Amazing Sunny Issues Stakes   CRC OBSAug08    
11/8/089 Amazing Elmer Heubeck Distaff Handicap   CRC OBSAug08    
1/26/08 American County Sunshine Millions Oaks   GP OBSFeb07    
12/12/08 Are We Dreamin You'd Be Surprised Stakse   AQU OBSAor06 OBSFeb06 OBSAug05
9/6/08 Aroma de Mujer Susan's Girl Stakes (F.S.S.)   CRC OBSApr08    
11/26/08 A Rose for You Star de Lady Anne Stakes   AQU OBSApr07    
3/8/08 Armonk Wide Country Stakes   LRL OBSAug08    
5/17/08 Ashley's Kitty Desert Stormer Handicap   HOL OBSMar06    
9/27/08 Ashley River Judy's Red Shoes Stakes   CRC OBSAug06    
9/7/08 Atlantic Paws Puck Stakes   CRC OBSApr07    
10/24/08 Atoned Pegasus Stakes 3 MED OBSFeb07 OBSJan06  
8/8/08 Australis Day Cleveland Kindergarten Stakes   TDN OBSApr08    
1/19/08 Awesome Chic Gasparilla Stakes   TAM OBSApr07    
3/15/08 Awesome Chic Florida Oaks 3 TAM OBSApr07    
5/25/08 Backbackbackgone Willard L. Proctor Memorial Stakes   HOL OBSMar08    
10/18/08 Backbackbackgone Jack Goodman Stakes   HOL OBSMar08    
7/18/08 Balian Lyphard Stakes   PEN OBSMar07    
2/11/08 Banga Ridge OBS Sprint Stakes   OTC OBSApr07 OBSAug06 OBSOct05
4/19/08 Behndatthebar Lexington Stakes 2 KEE OBSJun07 OBSFeb07  
2/11/08 Ben and the Twin OBS Sprint Stakes   OTC OBSApr07    
9/27/08 Black Seventeen Vosburgh Stakes 1 BEL OBSFeb06 OBSAug05 OBSOct04
9/20/08 Blue Sky Holiday British Columbia Oaks   HST OBSAug06    
11/2/08 Break Water Edison Nashua Stakes 3 AQU OBSMar08    
6/1/08 Brookhaven's Money NY Stallion Stakes (Spectacular Bid div.)   BEL OBSApr07    
1/27/08 Buffalo Man Appleton Handicap 3 GP ADNMar06    
8/30/08 Buffalo Man Red Bank Stakes 3 MTH ADNMar06    
2/11/08 Calico Bay OBS Championship Stakes   OTC OBSApr07 OBSOct05  
9/6/08 Code Runner Fasig Tipton Turf Dash Stakes   CRC OBSApr08 OBSAug07  
8/2/08 Corlett Mountaineer Juvenile Fillies Stakes   MNR OBSOct06    
2/2/08 Crown of Thorns Robert B. Lewis Stakes 2 SA OBSMar07    
8/31/08 Dawn Before Dawn Torrey Pines Stakes   DMR OBSApr07    
9/21/08 Delosvientos Point Given Stakes   MTH OBSApr05    
12/31/08 Delosvientos Gallant Fox Handicap   AQU OBSApr05    
2/18/08 Denis of Cork Southwest Stakes 3 OP OBSAug06    
9/3/08 Dinner in Odem Cape Henlopen Stakes   DEL OBSApr06    
2/2/08 Doble Quebrado Premier nIght Prince Stakes   DED OBSApr07    
3/22/08 Double or Nothing Private Terms Stakes   LRL OBSAug06    
12/27/08 Dr. Zik Sandpiper Stakes   TAM OBSJun08    
1/12/08 El Gato Malo San Rafael Stakes 3 SA OBSMar07    
5/10/08 El Gato Malo Lone Star Derby 3 LS OBSMar07    
6/28/08 Emmy Darling Landaluce Stakes   HOL OBSMasr08 OBSAug07 OBSOct05
9/14/08 Famous Patriot Step Nicely Stakes   BEL OBSApr07    
7/20/08 Fatal Bullet Bold Venture Stakes   WO ADNMar07    
9/1/08 Fatal Bullet Tom Ridge Labor Day Stakes   PID ADNMar07    
9/27/08 Fatal Bullet Kentucky Cup Sprint Stakes 3 TP ADNMar07    
7/26/08 Fellow Crasher Tyro Stakes   MTH OBSAug07    
9/1/08 First Class Fever Channel Three Stakes   PID OBSApr08    
11/9/08 Follow My Dream NY Stallion Stakes (Perfect Arc Divsion)   AQU OBSMar05    
5/17/08 Forever Together Reluctant Guest Stakes   AP OBSMar06    
7/26/08 Forever Together Diana Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar06    
10/3/08 Forever Together First Lady Stakes 1 KEE OBSMar06    
10/24/08 Forever Together Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf 1 SA OBSMar06    
9/27/08 Forty Thieves Monmouth Park NATC Futurity   MTH OBSAug07    
10/26/08 Foxy Danseur Cascapedia Stakes   SA OBSMar07    
10/18/08 Frolic's Dream Cassidy Stakes   CRC OBSJun08    
11/8/08 Frolic's Dream Joe O'Farrell Juvenile Fillies Stakes   CRC OBSJun08    
1/12/08 Game Face Old Hat Stakes 3 GP OBSMar07    
5/3/08 Game Face La Tropienne Stakes 3 CD OBSMar07    
7/20/08 Gaston A. Gene's Big Sky Stakes   CRC OBSApr07    
5/31/08 Ghostly Thunder Salerno Stakes   CT OBSApr07    
8/9/08 Ghostly Thunder Robert G. Leavitt Memorial Stakes   CT OBSApr07    
9/19/08 Ghostly Thunder Millard Harrell Memorial Stakes   CT OBSApr07    
10/18/08 Ghostly Thunder West Virginia Breeders' Classic Stakes   CT OBSApr07    
4/26/08 Ginger Brew Calder Oaks   CRC ADNMar07    
6/8/08 Ginger Brew Woodbine Oaks   WO ADNMar07    
1/26/08 Ginger Punch Sunshine Millions Distaff Stakes   GP ADNMar05    
5/2/08 Ginger Punch Louisville Stakes 2 CD ADNMar05    
6/14/08 Ginger Punch Ogden Phipps Handicap 1 BEL ADNMar05    
7/26/08 Ginger Punch Go For Wand Handicap 1 SAR ADNMar05    
8/22/08 Ginger Punch Personal Ensign Stakse 1 SAR ADNMar05    
3/21/08 Good and Lucky Gulf Coast Classic Stakes   DED OBSApr05    
8/25/08 Goodday Vichy Stakes   SAR OBSApr08    
2/11/08 Halo Najib OBS Championship Stakes   OTC OBSMar07 OBSJan06  
1/12/08 Heaven on Hold Tiburon Stakes   GG OBSMar07    
5/2/08 Hesa Big Star Tony Gatto Dream Big Stakes   ATL OBSOct02    
4/12/08 Hey Byrn Holy Bull Stakes 3 GP OBSMar07 OBSAug06  
10/18/08 High Mist Fanfreluche Stakes   WO ADNMar08    
2/9/08 High Resolve Princess Stakes   BM OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
9/13/08 High Resolve Sweepida Stakes   STK OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
8/2/08 Hypocrite Valid Video Stakes   CRC OBSAug06 OBSOct05  
8/1/6/08 Hypocrite Donthelumbertrader Stakes   CRC OBSAug06 OBSOct05  
4/19/08 Icabad Crane Federico Tesio Stakes   PIM OBSFeb07    
11/8/08 Icy Atlantic Bonnie Heath Turf Cup Handicap   CRC OBSMar03    
5/31/08 Indy Joe Rumson Stakes   MTH OBSAug06 OBSJan06  
2/10/08 Ingrid the Gambler Wishing Well II Handicap   SA OBSJun06    
1/1/08 In Summation El Conejo Handicap 3 SA OBSMar05 OBSAug04  
1/21/08 In Summation Palos Verdes Handicap 2 SA OBSMar05 OBSAug04  
10/25/08 Into Mischief Damascus Stakes   SA OBSMar07    
7/23/08 Jardin Schuylerville Stakes 3 SAR OBSFeb08    
7/19/08 J'espere Queen City Oaks   RD OBSApr07    
8/30/08 Judiths Wild Rush Waquoit Handicap   SUF OBSAug02    
5/1/08 Just For Keeps Mamzelle Stakes   CD OBSApr06    
9/27/08 King Puma Fitz Dixon, Jr. Memorial Juvenile Stakes   PID OBSFeb08    
7/28/08 Kodiak Kowboy Amsterdam Stakes 2 SAR OBSAug06    
10/25/08 Kodiak Kowboy Sport Page Handicap 3 BEL OBSAug06    
6/1/08 Kuba A Noqua Aspen Cup Handicap   RUI OBSApr07    
8/16/08 La Chica Sensual Desert Vixen Stakes   CRC OBSAug07    
10/18/08 La Chica Sensual My Dear Girl Stakes   CRC OBSAug07    
6/15/08 Lady Raj Strawberry Morn Stakes   HST OBSApr05 OBSAug04  
7/5/08 Lady Raj Vancouver Sun Handicap   HST OBSApr05 OBSAug04  
4/5/08 La Wildcat Meafara Stakes   HAW OBSFeb07    
6/28/08 Leah's Secret Chicago Handicap 3 AP OBSAug04    
11/2/08 Leah's Secret Chilukki Stakes 2 CD OBSAug04    
11/28/08 Leah's Secret Top Flight Handicp 2 AQU OBSAug04    
6/14/08 Lemonlime Minnesota H.B.P.A. Mile Stakes   CBY OBSMar06    
9/1/08 Let It Rock Shakopee Stakes   CBY OBSApr07    
1/21/08 Liberty Bull Smarty Jones Handicap   OP OBSApr07    
3/16/08 Liberty Bull Winstar Derby   SUN OBSApr07    
4/13/08 Like a Rose NY Stallion Stakes (Park Ave. Div.)   AQU OBSMar07    
4/26/08 Lindsey's Wish Goldfinch Stakes   PRM OBSJun07 OBSAug06  
2/3/08 Love Co Glory in Motion Stakes   AQU OBSMar07    
12/31/08 Lovely Isle Kalookan Queen Handicap   SA OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
4/26/08 Macho Again Derby Trial Stakes   CD OBSFeb07 OBSAug06  
7/27/08 Macho Again Jim Dandy Stakes 2 SAR OBSFeb07 OBSAug06  
10/26/08 Magna Graduate Ack Ack Handicap 3 CD OBSFeb04    
3/1/08 Malibu Moonshine Stymie Handicap   AQU OBSFeb04 OBSAug03  
8/13/08 Mani Bhavan Adirondack Stakes 2 SAR OBSMar08    
8/31/08 Mani Bhavan Spinaway Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar08    
9/18/08 Meriwether Jessica Jack Betta Be Rite Stakes   BEL OBSFeb07    
10/24/08 Midnight Lute Breeders' Cup Sprint 1 SA OBSMar05    
7/5/08 Mint Slewlep Da Hoss Stakes   CNL OBSApr06    
6/27/08 Miss Macy Sue Saylorville Stakes   PRM OBSJun05 OBSAug04  
2/2/08 Monterey Jazz Strub Stakes 2 SA OBSApr06    
4/26/08 Monterey Jazz Texas MIle Stakes 3 LS OBSApr06    
6/8/08 Mr. Umphrey Longfellow Stakes   MTH OBSFeb04 OBSAug03  
6/28/08 My Princess Jess Boiling Springs Stakes 3 MTH ADNMar07    
7/25/08 My Princess Jess Lake George Stakes 2 SAR ADNMar07    
11/16/08 National Pride Pass the Tab Stakes   AQU OBSMar07    
2/18/08 Naughty New Yorker Master Digby Stakes   AQU OBSMar04    
9/1/08 Night Action Cradle Stakes   RD OBSMar08    
7/4/08 Nijinksy Bullet My Fair Lady Stakes   SUF ADNMar05    
9/21/08 Northern Soldier Governor's Cup Handicap   FPX OBSApr05    
9/13/08 Off Duty Marfa Stakes   TP OBSJan04    
12/27/08 Officer Rocket (GB) Holiday Cheer Stakes   TP OBSMar06    
11/29/08 Oilgonewile GTBOA Debutante Stakes   CRC OBSMar08    
6/14/08 Orinoquia Leave Me Alone Stakes   CRC OBSMar07    
1/13/08 Paint Me Red Busanda Stakes   AQU ADNMar07    
4/19/08 Peach Flambe Cicada Stakes   GP OBSApr05    
1/18/08 Prince Cortez Triple Sec Stakes   DED OBSMar07 OBSJan06  
1/19/08 Pure and Simple Sun Devil Stakes   TUP OBSAug06 OBSOct05  
6/7/08 Rasierra Panthers Stakes   PRM OBSApr07    
9/27/08 R Betty Graybull Monmouth Park NATC Futurity   MTH OBSMar08    
2/18/08 R Charlies Angel Island Fashion Stakes   SUN OBSApr07    
9/27/08 Rollers Gallant Bob Handicap   PHA OBSFeb07    
7/19/08 Saint Knows Ms Brookski Stakes   CRC OBSAug04    
6/7/08 Shadowbdancing Prairie Mile Stakes   PRM OBSFeb07    
9/20/08 Shadowbdancing Prairie Meadows Derby   PRM OBSFeb07    
4/12/08 Sherine Comely Stakes 2 AQU OBSFeb07    
8/24/08 Shining Image Miss Woodford Stakes   MTH OBSMar07 OBSJan06  
9/28/08 Silver Envoy Capital Request Stakes   CRC OBSAug05 OBSJan05  
8/17/08 Silversider Magel Stakes   CRC OBSApr05    
3/1/08 Sir Whimsey Gulfstream Park Handicap 2 GP OBSMar06    
9/21/08 Sneakin Up Joseph A. Gimma Stakes   BEL OBSApr08 OBSOct06  
12/7/08 Song of Navarone Zia Park Distance Championship Handicap   ZIA OBSApr06    
6/15/08 Southern Exchange Victoria Stakes   WO OBSMar08 OBSAug07 OBSOct06
7/19/08 Southern Exchange Colin Stakes   WO OBSMar08 OBSAug07 OBSOct06
11/7/08 Southern Yankee My Trusty Cat Stakes   DED OBSApr08 OBSAug07  
3/29/08 Sporting Art Palm Beach Stakes 3 GP OBSAug06    
4/26/08 Sporting Art Calder Derby 3 CRC OBSAug06    
9/1/08 Stardom Bound Del Mar Debutante Stakes 1 DMR OBSMar08    
9/27/08 Stardom Bound Oak Leaf Stakes 1 SA OBSMar08    
10/24/08 Stardom Bound Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies 1 SA OBSMar08    
5/31/08 Starry Pursuit Manhattan Beach Stakes   HOL OBSApr07    
7/4/08 Starry Pursuit

Flawlessly Stakes   HOL OBSApr07    
5/17/08 Starforaday Maryland Spint Handicap 3 PIM OBSMar05    
5/24/08 Steamy Ridge Beach Party Stakes   LAD OBSApr07    
5/26/08 Storm Mesa Cinemine Stakes   LS OBSApr07    
6/27/08 Storm Mesa Iowa Oaks 3 PRM OBSApr07    
7/26/08 Storm Mesa San Clemente Handicap 2 DMR OBSApr07    
9/20/08 Stormy Ballad Lake Michigan Stakes   AP OBSApr07    
2/11/08 Straight Faced Florida Thoroughbred Charities Stakes   OTC OBSMar06 OBSAug05  
9/27/08 Sugar Mom Kentucky Cup Juvenile Fillies Stakes   TP OBSFeb08 OBSAug07  
8/30/08 Suzy Zip Elge Raspberry Stakes   LAD OBSJan06    
10/11/08 Tasha's Miracle Harold C. Ramser Stakes 3 SA OBSAug06    
7/12/08 The Niagara Queen Dance Smartly Stakes 2 WO ADNMar05    
5/24/08 Trevor's Clever Alydar Stakes   HOL OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
9/5/08 Trevor's Clever Jim Kostoff Stakes   FPX OBSApr07 OBSAug06  
9/21/08 Trinity Magic Bertram F. Bongard Stakes   BEL OBSApr08    
10/18/08 Trinity Magic Sleepy Hollow Stakes   BEL OBSApr08    
9/7/08 Under Serviced Schenectady Handicap   BEL OBSFeb07 OBSAug06  
11/9/08 Under Serviced NY Stallion Stakes (Staten Island Division)   AQU OBSFeb07 OBSAug06  
10/26/08 Victorina Marina Stakes   GG OBSApr05    
10/18/08 Vintage Tough Finfer Lakes Juvenile Fillies Stakes   FL OBSApr08 OBSOct06  
3/8/08 Visionaire Gotham Stakes 3 AQU OBSJun07    
8/23/08 Visionaire King's Bishop Stakes 1 SAR OBSJun07    
1/14/08 Wait a While San Gorgonio Handicap 2 SA OBSFeb05    
8/21/08 Wait a While Ballston Spa Handicap 2 SAR OBSFeb05    
9/27/08 Wait a While Yellow Ribbon Stakes 1 SA OBSFeb05    
10/18/08 We're In The Money West Virginia Div. of Tourism Breeders' Classic   CT OBSApr07    
7/12/08 What R The Odds Timber Music Stakes   HST OBSJan07    
5/11/08 Wild Promises Mother's Day Handicap   BM OBSAug05    
6/8/08 Wild Promises Yerba Buena Stakes   GG OBSAug05    
7/26/08 Wild Promises Luther Burbank Handicap   SR OBSAug05    
9/29/08 Wild Promises Miss America Stakes   GG OBSAug05    
12/6/08 Wild Promises My Charmer Handicap 3 CRC OBSAug05    
6/15/08 Wishing Wishes Susan B. Anthony Stakes   FL OBSApr06    
4/19/08 Won Awesome Dude Tony Sanchez Memorial Mile Stakes   MAN ADNMar05    
10/13/08 Yankee Injunuity Don Ciccio Stakes   HAW OBSAug05    
9/24/08 You Go West Girl Hey Babaloulou Stakes   BEL OBSApr06    
10/18/08 You Luckie Mann Birdonthewire Stakse   CRC OBSMar08 OBSAug07 OBSOct06
5/2/08 Zee Zee Edgewood Stakes   CD OBSApr07