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OBS 2006 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
11/18/06 Accountforthegold Stuyvesant Handicap 3 AQU OBSMar04  
11/23/06 Afrashad Fall Highweight Handicap   AQU OBSApr04  
7/1/06 Aly's Vow Lone Star Oaks   LS OBSApr05  
5/12/06 A Sea Trippi Harmony Lodge Stakes   CRC OBSApr05  
9/16/06 A Sea Trippi U Can Do It Handicap   CRC OBSApr05  
10/22/06 A Sea Trippi Sugar N Spice Stakes   CRC OBSApr05  
9/3/06 A True Pussycat Ravolia Stakes   CRC OBSMar05  
7/15/06 Bear Character Ky Alta Stakes   NP OBSMar05  
7/15/06 Beautiful Bets Scarlet Carnation Stakes   TDN OBSJun02  
9/30/06 Beautiful Bets Turfway Breeders' Cup S. 3 TP OBSJun02  
9/9/06 B.B. Best Ambehaving Stakes   CRC OBSFeb04  
11/11/06 B.B. Mancini Indiana Futurity   HOO OBSApr06 OBSJan05
7/4/06 Bella Shambrock Prairie Gold Juvenile Stakes   PRM OBSFeb06  
7/29/06 Bella Shambrock Tyro Stakes   MTH OBSFeb06  
4/1/06 Bettarun Fast Santa Paula Stakes 3 SA OBSApr05 OBSAug04
5/6/06 Bettarun Fast Railbird Stakes 3 HOL OBSApr05 OBSAug04
2/19/06 Big Apple Daddy Hollie Hughes Handicap   AQU OBSMar04
5/27/06 Big Apple Daddy Donald Levine Memorial H.   PHA OBSMar04
9/23/06 Birdbirdistheword Harrah's Juvenile Stakes   LAD OBSAug05 OBSJan05
12/1/06 Birdbirdistheword Delta Jackpot Stakes 3 DED OBSAug05 OBSJan05
4/29/06 Bluesbdancing Governor's Lady Handicap   HAW OBSMar04
6/24/06 Bluesbdancing Isaac Murphy Handicap   AP OBSMar04
10/17/06 Bobcat Greeley Autumn Leaves Stakes   MNR OBSMar04
4/22/06 Bond Queen Supernaturel Stakes   HST OBSFeb05 OBSOct 03
11/11/06 Buffalo Man Storm Cat Stakes   MED ADNMar06  
3/20/06 Bushmills Best OBS Championship Stakes   OTC OBSJun05
2/20/06 Buzzards Bay All American Handicap 3 GG OBSJune04 OBSApr04 OBSAug03
4/8/06 Buzzards Bay Oaklawn Park Handicap 2 OP OBSJune04 OBSApr04 OBSAug03
7/4/06 Career Oriented Candy Eclair Stakes   MTH OBSJun04    
2/17/06 Carminooch Ave's Flag Stakes   AQU OBSAug03
4/22/06 Carson's Castle Golden Circle Stakes   PRM OBSApr05
9/23/06 Cat on a Cloud Monmouth Park NATC Futurity   MTH OBSFeb06
9/2/06 Cat Tour Seacliff Stakes   CRC OBSJan05
1/29/06 Cause to Believe El Camino Real Derby 3 BM OBSMar05
3/11/06 Cause to Believe California Derby   GG OBSMar05
1/7/06 Celestial Legend Marshua Stakes   LRL OBSApr03
2/11/06 Celestial Legend Wide Country Stakes   LRL OBSApr03
6/18/06 Cervelo Band is Passing Stakes   CRC OBSMar03
5/20/06 Changing Weather Matt Winn Stakes   CD OBSMar05
8/4/06 Cherokee Jewel Capote Belle Stakes   SAR OBSApr05
8/19/06 Chief Officer Lady Fingers Stakes   FL OBSMar06
9/4/06 Chief Officer NY Breeders' Futurity   FL OBSMar06
6/16/06 Classy Charm A Wild Ride Stakes   BEL ADNMar04
7/8/06 Classy Charm Missy's Mirage Stakes   BEL ADNMar04
5/6/06 Coach Jimi Lee Prairie Express Stakes   PRM OBSApr02 OBSAug01
7/1/06 Coach Jimi Lee Iowa Sprint Handicap   PRM OBSApr02 OBSAug01
8/6/06 Coach Jimi Lee Prairie Meadows Sprint Stakes   PRM OBSApr02 OBSAug01
2/3/06 Commercialize Sweetheart Stakes   EVD OBSApr04
8/26/06 Darluna Sambacarioca Stakes   CRC OBSOct02
10/14/06 Darluna Shocker T Handicap   CRC OBSOct02
11/3/06 Day Pass Nashua Stakes 3 AQU OBSJan05
7/22/06 Diabolical Stanton Stakes   DEL OBSFeb05
8/12/06 Diabolical Nick Shuk Memorial Stakes   DEL OBSFeb05
10/7/06 Diabolical Gallant Bob Handicap   PHA OBSFeb05
12/16/06 Diligent Prospect Klaq Handicap   SUN OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
6/18/06 Donkey Engine Ontario County Stakes   FL OBSMar05
7/23/06 Dream of Angels Middleground Br. Cup Stakes   LS OBSMar06
11/11/06 Dream of Angels Jack Price Juvenile Stakes   CRC OBSMar06
12/9/06 Dream of Angels Inaugural Stakes   TAM OBDMar06
12/2/06 Drums ofThunder What a Pleasure Stakes   CRC OBSApr06 OBSAug05
3/20/06 Emerald Earrings Florida Breeders' Distaff S.   OTC OBSJan02
6/17/06 Emerald Earrings West Long Branch Stakes   MTH OBSJan02
7/4/06 Emerald Earrings Monmouth Beach Stakes   MTH OBSJan02
8/19/06 Endless Circle Aspirant Stakes   FL OBSApr06
3/25/06 Ermine Honeybee Stakes   OP OBSMar05 OBSAug04 OBSOct03
11/23/06 Ermine Falls City Handicap 1 CD OBSMar05 OBSAug04 OBSOct03
8/27/06 Eternal Look Major Moran Stakes   CRC OBSApr00    
12/30/06 Excellerant New Year's Eve Stakes   MNR OBSApr05 OBSAug04 OBSJan04
7/4/06 E Z Warrior Hollywood Juvenile Championship S. 3 HOL OBSAug05    
7/30/06 Flamethrowintexan Mt. Rainier Br. Cup Handicap   EMD OBSOct01    
8/20/06 Flamethrowintexan Longacres Mile Handicap 3 EMD OBSOct01    
10/28/06 Flamethrowintexan Bay Meadows Breeders' Cup Handicap 3 BM OBSOct01    
3/26/06 Fleet Indian Next Move Handicap 3 AQU OBSMar03
4/22/06 Fleet Indian Sixty Sails Handicap 3 HAW OBSMar03
6/17/06 Fleet Indian Obeah Handicap   DEL OBSMar03
7/16/06 Fleet Indian Delaware Handicap 2 DEL OBSMar03
8/25/06 Fleet Indian Personal Ensign Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar03
10/7/06 Fleet Indian Beldame Stakes 1 BEL OBSMar03
11/11/06 Florida Keys Walter L. Cluer Memorial Stakes   TUP OBSAug02
12/16/06 Florida Keys Black Mountain Handicap   TUP OBSAug02
8/4/06 Follow the Lite Matchmaker Turf Sprint S.   RP OBSAug03 OBSOct02
12/22/06 Follow the Lite Esplanade Stakes   FG OBSAug03 OBSOct02
8/6/06 Formal Miss GTBOA Georgia Peaches S.   CRC OBSOct00
10/1/06 Formal Miss Capital Request Stakes   CRC OBSOct00
8/4/06 Freetoleave Edmonton Juvenile Stakes   NP OBSApr06
5/20/06 Friendly Island Md. Br. Cup Sprint H. 3 PIM OBSMar03
2/19/06 Frisco Star Novato Stakes   GG OBSApr05
9/23/06 Gal Wonder Brave Raj Breeders' Cup Stakes   CRC OBSAug05
6/19/06 Gin Rummy Champ Heckofaralph Stakes   CRC OBSApr03
7/15/06 Gin Rummy Champ Calder Turf Sprint Handicap   CRC OBSApr03
7/15/06 Gin Rummy King Donthelumbertrader Stakes   CRC OBSApr05
11/18/06 Gin Rummy King Gizmo's Fortune Stakes   CRC OBSApr05
9/4/06 Go Kitty Go Ruidoso Thoroughbred Championship   RUI OBSApr03
8/21/06 Gold Like U Union Avenue Stakes   SAR OBSOct01
6/4/06 Gold Storm Need For Speed S.   EVD OBSApr02
8/26/06 Gold Storm Arlington Br. Cup Sprint   AP OBSApr02
12/30/06 Good and Lucky Woodchopper Stakes   FG OBSApr05
9/23/06 Green Vegas Foolish Pleasure Breeders' Cup Stakes   CRC OBSApr06
10/14/06 Green Vegas In Reality Stakes (F.S.S.)   CRC OBSApr06
7/4/06 Hailie's Girl Foxy J.G. Stakes   PHA OBSApr05
6/4/06 Halo Steven Jim Coleman Province H.   HST OBSMar05
6/17/06 Halo Steven Alberta Derby   STP OBSMar05
8/6/06 Halo Steven Count Latham Stakes   NP OBSMar05
9/24/06 Halo Steven British Columbia Derby 3 HST OBSMar05
6/11/06 Harborage Victoria Park Stakes   WO OBSMar05
1/7/06 Heavenly Humor Soviet Problem Handicap   BM OBSApr03
11/11/06 Howaboutrightnow Maple Leaf Stakes   WO OBSFeb05
6/12/06 Icy Atlantic Battle Field Stakes   MED OBSMar03
9/23/06 Interpatation Larry R. Riviello President's Cup   PHA OBSAug03
7/1/06 Ipapa Itsit Attaway Drbonne Memorial S.   EVD OBSJan01
6/17/06 Jabalski Princess No Winking Stakes   CRC OBSJan01
4/15/06 Judiths Wild Rush Jaques Cartier Stakes   WO OBSAug02
4/29/06 Judiths Wild Rush Vigil Stakes 3 WO OBSAug02
6/3/06 Katy Smiles Hoist Her Flag Stakes   CBY OBSAug03
1/22/06 Kingsfield Black Gold Stakes   LAD OBSApr05
7/1/06 Kingship Arlington Classic Stakes 3 AP OBSApr05
9/23/06 Kingship Donnie Wilhite Memorial Stakes   LAD OBSApr05
11/25/06 Kipper's Night Methuselah Starter Stakes   CRC OBSOct01
12/10/06 Lawrence the Roman Damon Runyon Stakes   AQU OBSMar06
7/4/06 Leah's Secret Lazer Show Stakes   CD OBSAug04
10/21/06 Leah's Secret Raven Run Stakes 2 KEE OBSAug04
11/25/06 Leah's Secret Anne Arundel Stakes   LRL OBSAug04
9/16/06 Level Playingfield Marfa Stakes   TP OBSApr03
10/20/06 Lineofbull Remington Park Sprint Championship   RP OBSApr04
7/4/06 Loopy Louie Sunray Park & Casino Stakes   SRP OBSFeb05
6/3/06 Lost in the Fog Aristides Br. Cup H. 3 CD OBSMar04 OBSAug03
12/9/06 Magna Graduate Queens County Handicap 3 AQU OBSFeb04  
2/4/06 Magnolia Jackson Correction Handicap   AQU OBSAug03
3/12/06 Magnolia Jackson Broadway Handicap   AQU OBSAug03
4/22/06 Magnolia Jackson Bed O'Roses Handicap 2 AQU OBSAug03
11/11/06 Magnolia Jackson Montclair State University Stakes   MED OBSAug03
12/2/06 Magnolia Jackson Garland of Roses Handicap   AQU OBSAug03
6/10/06 Malibu Moonshine Point Given Stakes   MTH OBSFeb04 OBSAug03
7/29/06 Master of Disaster Oh Say Stakes   DEL OBSFeb05 OBSOct03
9/20/06 Master of Disaster Majestic Prince Stakes   MTH OBSFeb05 OBSOct03
11/12/06 May Day Vow Top Secret Stakes   AQU OBSOct05  
9/23/06 Meadow Breeze Matron Stakes 1 BEL OBSMar06  
10/13/06 Midnight Lute Perryville Stakes 3 KEE OBSMar05  
7/28/06 Miss Concerto Ontario Matron Stakes   WO OBSApr03 OBSAug02
5/13/06 More Than Pretty Open Mind Stakes   CD OBSFeb05
4/8/06 Mr. Silver Florida Cup Sophomore Turf S.   TAM OBSFeb05
8/14/06 Naughty New Yorker Noble Nashua Stakes   SAR OBSMar04
9/13/06 Naughty New Yorker General Douglas MacArthur Stakes   BEL OBSMar04
11/11/06 Naughty New Yorker Red Smith Handicap 3 AQU OBSMar04
12/31/06 Naughty New Yorker Alex M. Robb Handicap   AQU OBSMar04
7/9/06 North Broad W. Meredith Bailes Memorial S.   CNL OBSMar02
5/20/06 Northern Soldier Lazaro Barrera Memorial S. 2 HOL OBSApr05
5/29/06 No Tolerance Mister Gus Stakes   AP OBSApr03
9/30/06 No Tolerance Robert F. Carey Memorial Stakes 3 HAW OBSApr03
8/12/06 Off Duty Forward Pass Stakes   AP OBSJan04
8/20/06 Officer Rocket (GB) Spectacular Bid Stakes   AP OBSMar06
9/10/06 Officer Rocket (GB) Arlington-Washington Br. Cup Futurity 3 AP OBSMar06
6/4/06 One Way Flight NY Stallion Stakes   BEL OBSFeb05
9/24/06 Orphan Brigade Premiere Breeders' Cup Stakes   ZIA OBSMar03
5/6/06 Outcashem Panhandle Handicap   MNR OBSFeb03
7/4/06 Outcashem Charles Town Invitational Dash   CT OBSFeb03
8/6/06 Outcashem W.V. Legislature Chairman's Cup   MNR OBSFeb03
7/4/06 Out of Gwedda Tremont Stakes   BEL OBSMar06
5/6/06 Papa Fuse Shot of Gold Stakes   CBY ADNMar03
10/20/06 Power of Freedom Comet Stakes   MED OBSMar06
7/7/06 Premium Tap Albert the Great Stakes   BEL OBSMar04 OBSAug03
9/2/06 Premium Tap Woodward Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar04 OBSAug03
11/24/06 Premium Tap Clark Handicap 1 CD OBSMar04 OBSAug03
10/14/06 Private Scandal Maryland Million Turf Stakes   LRL OBSMar02  
11/4/06 Private Scandal Find Handicap   LRL OBSMar02  
10/31/06 Queen Amira (GB) Witches Brew Stakes   MED OBSMar05  
7/9/06 Railroad Robert K. Kerlan Memorial Stakes   HOL OBSApr04
11/24/06 Railroad John Henry Handicap   BM OBSApr04
4/14/06 Ready to Please Fantasy Stakes 2 OP OBSFeb05 OBSAug04
11/5/06 Red Zipper NY Stallion S. (Cormorant Division)   AQU OBSApr05  
8/20/06 Rehoboth American Dreamer Stakes   CRC OBSFeb05  
9/4/06 Rehoboth Carterista Handicap   CRC OBSFeb05  
11/11/06 Rehoboth Carl G. Rose Classic Handicap   CRC OBSFeb05  
9/17/06 Retribution Ashley T. Cole Handicap   BEL OBSApr04  
101/5/06 Rgirldoesn'tbluff Lady Sonata Stakes   CRC OBSApril05  
11/12/06 Rgirldoesn'tbluff Bold World Stakes   CRC OBSApril05  
2/20/06 Ring True Dearly Precious Stakes   AQU OBSMar05 OBSAug04
4/30/06 Ring True Xtra Heat Stakes   PIM OBSMar05 OBSAug04
5/27/06 Riproarious Jiva Coolit Stakes   CT OBSFeb05  
1/28/06 R Loyal Man Pasco Stakes   TAM OBSFeb05
9/3/06 Rock Lobster Saranac Stakes 3 SAR OBSMar05
1/14/06 Rodeo's Castle Duncan F. Kenner Br. Cup H.   LAD OBSAug02
6/11/06 Running Bobcats Emma Bovary Stakes   CRC ADNMar04
7/15/06 Running Bobcats Distaff Turf Sprint Handicap   CRC ADNMar04
10/8/06 Running Bobcats Dolly Jo Stakes   CRC ADNMar04
3/20/06 Running Lass OBS Sprint Stakes   OTC OBSApr05
7/23/06 Running Lass Gene's Big Sky Stakes   CRC OBSApr05
11/19/06 Running Lass Stormy Frolic Stakes   CRC OBSApr05
3/20/06 Saffronista OBS Championship Stakes   OTC OBSApr05
10/26/06 Saffronista Runaway Marcie Stakes   CRC OBSApr05
9/2/06 Sea Siren Arlington Matron Handicap 3 AP OBSJan03
7/4/06 Sea the Joy Prairie Gold Lassie Stakes   PRM OBSAug05
8/20/06 Sea the Joy Top Flight Stakes   AP OBSAug05
1/1/06 Secret Corsage Bay Meadows Cotillion H.   BM OBSApr03
9/16/06 Secret Scheme Noe Valley Stakes   GG OBSOct03
9/23/06 Sensational Score Pomona Derby   FPX ADNMar05
11/4/06 Silver Wagon Sport Page Breeders' Cup Handicap 3 AQU OBSFeb03 OBSAug02
5/6/06 Siphon City Sumter Stakes   CRC OBSFeb04
5/29/06 Siphon City Memorial Day Handicap 3 CRC OBSFeb04
7/1/06 Siphon City Cornhusker Br, Cup Handicap 3 PRM OBSFeb04
10/9/06 Skip Code Grey Breeders' Cup Stakes 3 WO OBSFeb06
3/20/06 Starforaday OBS Sprint Stakes   OTC OBSMar05
7/15/06 Straight Faced Birdonthewire Stakes   CRC OBSMar06 OBSAug05
8/5/06 Straight Faced Dr. Fager S. (F.S.S.)   CRC OBSMar06 OBSAug05
9/2/06 Straight Faced Affirmed S. (F.S.S.)   CRC OBSMar06 OBSAug05
8/19/06 Storm Forcast Cover Girl Handicap   HST OBSApr04  
12/2/06 Successful Affair Coyote Lakes Stakes   AQU OBSApr04  
12/30/06 Successful Affair Gallant Fox Handicap   AQU OBSApr04  
4/14/04 Swap Fliparoo Road Princess Stakes   AQU OBSMar05
8/5/06 Swap Fliparoo Test Stakes 1 SAR OBSMar05
5/29/06 Sweepingly Beck Auto Group Turf Sprint H.   LS OBSJan00
4/1/06 Sweet Fourty Winstar/Sunland Park Oaks   SUN OBSApr05
4/15/06 Sweet Talker Dahlia Stakes   LRL OBSMar04
5/29/06 Sweet Talker Winstar Distaff Handicap 3 LS OBSMar04
9/4/06 Tens Holy Spirit Shakopee Stakes   CBY OBSAug03
6/14/06 Tothemoonandback Bold Ruckus Stakes   WO OBSMar05
7/1/06 Tothemoonandback Achievement Stakes   WO OBSMar05
5/6/06 Trickey Trevor Churchill Downs Handicap 2 CD OBSMar01
6/24/06 True Tails Southern Accent Stakes   LAD OBSAug03
5/20/06 Unbridels King Big Bubble Stakes   CRC OBSFeb02
10/13/06 Vicarino Harvest Festival Futurity   FNO OBSMar06 OBSAug05
4/8/06 Victorina Meafara Stakes   HAW OBSApr05
7/15/06 Victorina Azalea Breeders' Cup Stakes 3 CRC OBSApr05
10/28/06 Victorina Ahwatukeee Express Stakes   TUP OBSApr05
12/16/06 Victory Pool Gold Beauty Stakes   AQU OBSMar04
10/22/06 Wagner's Gold Permian Basin Stakes   ZIA OBSApr06
2/4/06 Wait a While Davona Dale Stakes 2 GP OBSFeb05
3/6/06 Wait a While Sands Point Stakes 3 BEL OBSFeb05
7/2/06 Wait a While American Oaks Invitational S. 1 HOL OBSFeb05
8/18/06 Wait a While Lake Placid Stakes 2 SAR OBSFeb05
9/30/06 Wait a While Yellow Ribbon Stakes 1 SA OBSFeb05
3/25/06 With a City Lane's End Stakes 2 TP OBSMar05
7/22/06 Wonder Lady Anne L Coaching Club American Oaks 1 BEL OBSAug04
9/4/06 Xchanger Sapling Stakes 3 MTH OBSAug05 OBSOct04
3/12/06 Yes He's a Pistol Santana Mile H.   SA OBSAug03
12/23/06 Yolanda B. Too Squan Song Stakes   LRL OBSMar04