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OBS 2003 Stakes Winners
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Date Horse Stake Gr Track Sale 1 Sale 2 Sale 3
12/31/2003 All The Honor Auld Land Syne Stakes CRC OBSAug01 OBSOct00
10/18/2003 Angelic Aura Princeton Sakes MED OBSApr02
2/1/2003 A.P. Andie Correction Handicap AQU OBSFeb00
9/15/2003 Atouratoura Derby Trial Stakes FPX OBSAug01
4/12/2003 Baker Road Milawukee Avenue Handicap HAW OBSJan00
5/15/2003 Belong To Sea Miss Preakness Stakes 2 PIM OBSFeb02
3/29/2003 Bluesthestandard Potrero Grande Stakes 2 SA OBSApr99 OBSOct97
4/26/2003 Bluesthestandard Texas Mile Stakes 3 LS OBSApr99 OBSOct97
11/29/2003 Book Note Conroe Stakes HOU OBSFeb02 OBSAug01
6/28/2003 Bossanova Mike Lee Stakes BEL OBSFeb02
11/27/2003 Bossanova Fall Highweight Handicap 3 AQU OBSFeb02
2/15/2003 Burning Roma Tampa Bay Br. Cup S. TAM OBSAug99
7/12/2003 Cactus Ridge Canterbury Juvenile S. CBY OBSMar03
8/17/2003 Cactus Ridge James C. Ellis Juvenile S. ELP OBSMar03
9/27/2003 Cactus Ridge Arlington-Washington Fut. 3 AP OBSMar03
1/25/2003 Captain Squire Sunshine Millions Sprint S. SA OBSAug00
6/6/2003 Chapel Royal Flash Stakes 3 BEL OBSFeb03
7/24/2003 Chapel Royal Sanford Stakes 2 SAR OBSFeb03
4/6/2003 Chef's Choice Forida Cup Distaff Stakes TAM OBSAug99
5/17/2003 Christmas Time Emeryville Stakes BM OBSAug01
5/31/2003 City Fire Revidere Stakes MTH OBSFeb02
7/27/2003 City Fire Serena's Song Stakes MTH OBSFeb02
9/1/2003 City Fire Pennsylvania Oaks PHA OBSFeb02
4/5/2003 Classic Endeavor Excelsior Breeders' Cup H. 3 AQU OBSMar00 OBSJan99
5/25/2003 Classic Endeavor Frisk Me Now Stakes MTH OBSMar00 OBSJan99
4/5/2003 Coach Jimi Lee Lost Code Breeders' Cup S. HAW OBSApr02 OBSAug01
6/15/2003 Coach Jimi Lee Shecky Greene Stakes AP OBSApr02 OBSAug01
8/16/2003 Coach Jimi Lee Forward Pass Stakes AP OBSApr02 OBSAug01
9/28/2003 Coach Jimi Lee Zany Tactics Stakes HAW OBSApr02 OBSAug01
10/24/2003 College Honor Bergen County Stakes MED OBSJun02
9/21/2003 Compendium Chick Lang Jr. Memorial S. RET OBSFeb00
5/12/2003 Crafty Brat Supah Jess Stakes CRC OBSApr02 OBSOct00
6/13/2003 Crafty Brat Race Artist Stakes CRC OBSApr02 OBSOct00
10/5/2003 Cupid Season Just Smashing Stakes MED OBSApr02 OBSAug01 OBSOct00
5/4/2003 Danaher Steve That's Our Buck Stakes CRC OBSMar00
4/5/2003 Devil Time Edward Babst Memorial H. BEU OBSMar99
6/22/2003 Devil Time Sydney Gendleman Mem. H. RD OBSMar99
7/25/2003 Devil Time George Lewis Memorial S. TDN OBSMar99
9/1/2003 Devil Time Governor's Buckeye Cup S. TDN OBSMar99
10/4/2003 Devil Time Best Of Ohio Enduarance S. BEU OBSMar99
6/2/2003 Devon Rose Summer King Stakes DEL OBSApr01 OBSJan00
6/21/2003 Devon Rose Obeah Handicap DEL OBSApr01 OBSJan00
9/20/2003 Dream About Mazarine Breeders' Cup S. 2 WO OBSJun03
10/17/2003 Dr. Kathy Salem County Stakes MED OBSFeb03
3/1/2003 Elegant Designer Busher Stakes AQU OBSApr02
8/23/2003 Elegant Designer Miss Woodford Stakes MTH OBSApr02
7/5/2003 El Ruller Native Dancer Handicap AP OBSOct00
7/20/2003 Ericka's Lass Debutante Stakes ASD OBSApr03
8/23/2003 Expect The Best Kindergarten Handicap PHA OBSFeb03
10/18/2003 False Promises Hawthorne Derby 3 HAW OBSApr02
8/16/2003 Feisty Bull Twin Lights Stakes MTH OBSApr02
9/27/2003 Feisty Bull Navajo Princess Stakes MTH OBSApr02
6/29/2003 Feline Story Astoria Stakes BEL OBSMar03
8/30/2003 Feline Story Sorority Stakes 3 MTH OBSMar03
4/6/2003 Fencelineneighbor Via Borghese Stakes GP OBSJan01
8/23/2003 Fencelineneighbor Barona Cup Handicap DMR OBSJan01
1/5/2003 Follow Me Home Dame Mysterieuse Stakes GP OBSApr02
6/21/2003 Follow Me Home Crank It Up Stakes MTH OBSApr02
7/13/2003 Follow Me Home Candy Eclair Stakes MTH OBSApr02
8/3/2003 Follow Me Home Trenton Stakes MTH OBSApr02
5/3/2003 Formal Miss Lenta Stakes CRC OBSOct00
9/13/2003 Formal Miss Judy's Red Shoes Stakes CRC OBSOct00
8/9/2003 French Village Desert Vixen S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr03
8/30/2003 French Village Susan's Girl S. (F.S.S.) CRC OBSApr03
10/11/2003 Frisco Belle Palo Alto Handicap BM OBSApr02
11/8/2003 Frisco Belle Chandler Handicap TUP OBSApr02
9/20/2003 Futural Sir Winston Churchill H. HST OBSJan97
7/19/2003 Ghoastly Prize Claiming Crown Iron Horse S. CBY OBSMar00
6/7/2003 Golden Ticket Greenwood Cup Handicap PHA OBSMar00
8/30/2003 Horah For Bailey Catcharisingstar Stakes CRC OBSAug02
2/15/2003 I'mbackinaction Yankee Fashion Stakes SUF OBSApr02
5/31/2003 Island Melody My Fair Lady Stakes SUF OBSApr02
11/15/2003 Judith's Wild Rush Display Handicap WO OBSAug02
6/21/2003 Keeping The Gold Purple Violet Stakes AP OBSJan01
4/24/2003 Kipper Night Mockingbird Stakes GP OBSOct01
1/4/2003 Ladyecho Marshua Stakes LRL OBSMar02
2/15/2003 Ladyecho Dearly Precious Stakes AQU OBSMar02
9/14/2003 Lissau Smoke Glacken Stakes MTH OBSMar03
11/8/2003 Little Andrea Stanton Stakes DEL OBSApr03
10/11/2003 Love Sting Calder Oaks CRC ADNMar02
4/25/2003 Love The Game Blazing Sword H. (2nd Div) CRC OBSApr00
5/10/2003 Love The Game Carterista Handicap CRC OBSApr00
8/17/2003 Loving Lucy Junior Champion Stakes MTH OBSFeb03
12/15/2003 Lucky Sabre Vallejo Stakes GG OBSApr02
6/28/2003 Maple Syrple Clarendon Stakes WO OBSMar03
7/12/2003 Max Forever Long Branch Br. Cup S. 3 MTH OBSFeb02
7/6/2003 Megan's Appeal Shady Wells Stakes WO ADNMar03
11/16/2003 Miners Gamble Prompt Angel Stakes HAW OBSOct96
8/3/2003 Mooji Moo Regret Stakes MTH OBSJun01
9/27/2003 Mooji Moo Red Cross Stakes MTH OBSJun01
12/7/2003 Mooji Moo Bluff's Dividend Stakes CRC OBSJun01
8/20/2003 Mr. Jester Pioneer Stakes LAD OBSApr03
9/13/2003 Mr. Jester Kentucky Cup Juvenile S. TP OBSApr03
12/5/2003 Mr. Jester Delta Jackpot Stakes DED OBSApr03
4/25/2003 Mr. Livingston Blazing Sword H. (1st Div.) GP OBSAug98 OBSJan98
7/25/2003 Mr. Livingston Nijinsky's Secret Stakes CRC OBSAug98 OBSJan98
6/7/2003 Next Bandit Tta Sales Futurity LS OBSAug02
7/26/2003 Next Bandit Honest Pleasure Stakes AP OBSAug02
11/16/2003 Night Sky Sunny's Halo Stakes WO ADNMar03
4/12/2003 No Jacket Required Shakertwon Stakes 3 KEE OBSApr99
10/3/2003 Outstander Eillo Stakes MED OBSJan00
7/12/2003 Outstanding Lady Roamin Rachel Stakes CRC OBSFeb03 OBSAug02
5/25/2003 Pali Princess Thomas J. Malley S. MTH OBSJun01
3/9/2003 Peace Rules Louisiana Derby 2 FG OBSMar02
4/12/2003 Peace Rules Blue Grass Stakes 1 KEE OBSMar02
8/3/2003 Peace Rules Haskell Inv. Handicap 1 MTH OBSMar02
1/1/2003 Philadelphia Jim Dancing Count Stakes LRL OBSFeb02
9/6/2003 Pink Champagne Natalma Stakes 3 WO OBSFeb03
11/1/2003 Pleasant Honor Comet Stakes MED OBSApr03
2/15/2003 Presumed Innocent Jersey Lilly Stakes HOU OBSMar99
5/10/2003 Private Lap Quick Card Stakes DEL OBSApr01
7/19/2003 Private Lap R.R.M. Carpenter Jr. Mem. H. DEL OBSApr01
9/27/2003 Private Lap Caesar Rodney Handicap DEL OBSApr01
11/8/2003 Private Lap Shecky Greene Stakes DEL OBSApr01
8/9/2003 Proud Man W.V. Delgates Speakers Cup H . MNR OBSJun00
3/22/2003 Quest Star Pan American Handicap 2 GP OBSMar01
8/16/2003 Rb's Glitter Aspirant Stakes FL OBSMar03
5/26/2003 Reba's Gold Seabiscuit Handicap BM OBSAug98
5/16/2003 Roar Emotion Black-Eyed Susan Stakes 2 PIM OBSApr02
3/1/2003 Rojo Toro San Rafael Stakes 2 SA OBSApr02
10/5/2003 Ruler's Court Norfolk Stakes 2 SA OBSFeb03
3/17/2003 Running Debate Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSFeb01 OBSAug01
4/26/2003 Saint Verre Fort Marcy Handicap AQU OBSAug99
12/5/2003 Salty Romance Delta Princess Stakes DED OBSMar03 OBSAug02
8/2/2003 Scapade Convenience Stakes CRC OBSAug01
11/15/2003 Scapade Elmer Heubeck Distaff H. CRC OBSAug01
7/4/2003 Sea Of Green Charles Town Dash H. CT OBSFeb00
10/10/2003 Sea Of Green Hbpa Governor's Cup H. CT OBSFeb00
8/10/2003 Sea Of Tranquility Jersey Breeders' Handicap MTH OBSApr98
5/5/2003 Sea Pleasure Gleaming Channel Stakes CRC OBSMar02 OBSAug01 OBSJan01
7/4/2003 Sea Pleasure Americana Handicap CRC OBSMar02 OBSAug01 OBSJan01
3/22/2003 Seattle Surprise Rudy Baez Stakes SUF OBSJan01
12/13/2003 Second Of June What A Pleasure Stakes CRC OBSJan03
3/26/2003 Shameful Pine Tree Lane Stakes SA OBSOct99
3/17/2003 Shot Gun Favorite Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSOct00
9/12/2003 Shot Gun Favorite Prairie Meadows Oaks PRM OBSOct00
11/9/2003 Silver Bird Glorious Song Stakes WO ADNMar03
8/30/2003 Silver Wagon Hopeful Stakes 1 SAR OBSFeb03 OBSAug02
7/5/2003 Silver Zipper Minnesota H.B.P.A. Sprint S. CBY OBSJan98
7/13/2003 Sir Brian's Sword Elkwood Stakes MTH OBSFeb00
7/19/2003 Skeet Smile Stakes AP OBSMar02 OBSJan01
9/27/2003 Skeet Taylor's Special Stakes AP OBSMar02 OBSJan01
1/4/2003 Smoke Chaser Minaret Stakes TAM OBSApr01
3/22/2003 Smoke Chaser Kissapotamus Stakes HAW OBSApr01
1/25/2003 Smok'n Frolic Sunshine Millions Distaff S. GP OBSFeb01
3/22/2003 Smok'n Frolic Next Move Handicap 3 AQU OBSFeb01
9/13/2003 Smok'n Frolic Turfway Breeders' Cup S. 3 TP OBSFeb01
3/8/2003 Souris Wishing Well Stakes DED OBSApr02
12/6/2003 Souris Cy-Fair Stakes HOU OBSApr02
12/26/2003 Southern Image Malibu Stakes 1 SA OBSMar02
3/29/2003 Southern Tour Carousel Stakes OP OBSApr00 OBSAug99
10/11/2003 Southern Tour New Braunfels Stakes RET OBSApr00 OBSAug99
8/24/2003 Spectacular Lisa Dream On Stakes CRC OBSJun02
10/26/2003 Speedy Falcon Ken Kendrick Memorial Fut. SRP OBSApr03
10/12/2003 Smokume Cowdin Stakes BEL OBSApr03
2/22/2003 Spring Meadow Las Flores Handicap 3 SA OBSApr01
6/8/2003 Storm Flag Toga Toga Stakes CRC OBSAug01 OBSOct00
1/18/2003 Super Fuse Pasco Stakes TAM ADNMar02
4/27/2003 Tchula Miss Goldarama Stakes CRC OBSOct99
6/22/2003 Tchula Miss Vivace Stakes CRC OBSOct99
2/8/2003 Tee Cat Curribot Handicap SUN OBSFeb00
2/15/2003 Testify Sam Houston Turf Sprint Cup HOU OBSApr99
5/31/2003 Testify Turf Monster Handicap PHA OBSApr99
3/17/2003 The Name's Bond Obs Championship Stakes OTC OBSAug01
5/24/2003 The Name's Bond Simply Majestic Handicap CRC OBSAug01
8/17/2003 The Name's Bond Always Silver Stakes CRC OBSAug01
9/6/2003 The Name's Bond Needles Stakes CRC OBSAug01
6/28/2003 There Goes Rocket Texas Stallion Stakes LS OBSMar03
12/27/2003 There Goes Rocket Texas Stallion Stakes HOU OBSMar03
6/14/2003 Third Day Victoria Stakes WO OBSAug02
6/8/2003 Tonight's Wager Monmouth Beach Stakes MTH OBSApr0
3/8/2003 Tour Of The Cat Richter Scale Br. Cup H. GP OBSApr00
9/1/2003 Tour Of The Cat Miami Mile Br. Cup H. CRC OBSApr00
10/11/2003 Tour Of The Cat Spend A Buck Handicap 3 CRC OBSApr00
9/1/2003 Tour The Hive Labor Day Handicap MNR OBSApr99
9/21/2003 Travelator Schenectady Handicap BEL OBSApr02
12/13/2003 Tricks Of Glory Inaugural Stakes TAM OBSMar03
2/15/2003 Trust N Luck Fountain Of Youth S. 1 GP OBSMar02
8/30/2003 Tym Beau Natc Futurity DEL OBSMar03
10/5/2003 Uppity Kitty Courtship Stakes BM OBSFeb03
1/25/2003 Valid Video Sunshine Millions Dash S. GP OBSOct00
3/17/2003 Valid Video Obs Sprint Stakes OTC OBSOct00
7/12/2003 Valid Video Carry Back Stakes 3 CRC OBSOct00
8/23/2003 Valid Video King's Bishop Stakes 1 SAR OBSOct00
10/26/2003 Vallarta Pacifica Handicap BM OBSApr00
7/27/2003 Vinemeister Salvator Mile Handicap 3 MTH OBSApr01 OBSAug00
5/11/2003 Wacky Patty Nursery Stakes HOL OBSJan02
7/4/2003 Wacky Patty Landaluce Stakes 3 HOL OBSJan02
11/7/2003 Wacky Patty Chargedupsycamore Stakes DED OBSJan02
7/20/2003 Wage A Penny Tippett Stakes CNL OBSFeb03
4/26/2003 Wake At Noon Vigil Handicap WO OBSApr99
7/20/2003 Wake At Noon Izvestia Stakes WO OBSApr99
8/3/2003 Wake At Noon Seagram Cup Stakes WO OBSApr99
4/5/2003 Western Pride San Bernardino Handicap 3 SA OBSMar00
11/1/2003 Western Ridge Tres Rios Juvenile Stakes SRP OBSApr03
1/11/2003 Windsor Castle Hal's Hope Handicap 3 GP OBSMar00
5/17/2003 Windsor Castle William Donald Scaefer H. 3 PIM OBSMar00
7/20/2003 Wise Sweep Hbpa Opequon Stakes CT OBSJun98
1/18/2003 Xtra Heat What A Summer Stakes LRL OBSAug99
2/22/2003 Xtra Heat Barbara Fritchie Handicap 2 LRL OBSAug99
3/1/2003 Yaeger Waquoit Stakes SUF OBSJun00
6/7/2003 Yo Peppy Addy Stakes PHA OBSJan01
8/30/2003 Yo Lil E Tee Stakes PHA OBSJan01
6/8/2003 Yogi's Polar Bear Cinderella Stakes HOL OBSMar03 OBSJan02
10/11/2003 Zak's Precocious Cassidy Stakes CRC OBSApr03 OBSAug02